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Farming, Winning, Unpacking, and Catching Up

Holy cow, the last month as been NUTZZZ!

IMG_20140507_075738760I moved from Michigan to Tennessee on May 1st. Whew, that was a lot of work! I felt kinda bad that I went to work on May 3rd for two weeks and left my trophy husband in Tennessee to deal with the movers, the dogs, and his new job, but I had to sit on a beach in St. Maarten and get paid. (I work for Norwegian Cruise Lines, if you don’t know.) So, trophy husband unpacked boxes as best he could and regularly emailed me pictures of the house. I was so happy to see all our stuff made it, but I must admit, my first thoughts were, “Hey, that doesn’t go there. Why would he put those things on that table? That other stuff should go there, and move those things to the other place.” LOL. Poor guy. Well, it was so cool to fly into Nashville on Saturday to come home. I’ve been home for two days and have most of our belongings sorted out. I’m still finding things we didn’t unpack when we moved three years ago, but it’s fun to go through it.

IMG_20140518_184641045In case you missed it, we now have a farm and poor trophy husband has a lot to do. While we were driving down from Michigan (eight hours in the car with two dogs panting and turning it into a smelly steam room), one of the six moo moos had a calf. I called her Peanut (standing on the left), which will be totally wrong when she weighs 900 pounds, but I don’t care. While I was away last week, we had the second calf. I named her Buttercup (laying down on the right). They are precious!!


While I was gone, Twister (the neurotic donkey) apparently went into the chicken enclosure and wouldn’t come out. He’s out now and back with his buddies, but he was a poor little loner for over a week. My house sits by the barn and the chickens, and I haven’t seen Twister since I’ve returned home. He may be a little freaked out by the whole experience. He’s hiding on the back of the property.

AOH%20cover_webAlso while I was gone, my book “An Orphan’s Heart,” was named as a finalist in the 2014 Eric Hoffer Awards. I’m tickled pink!








unnamedThe sequel to “Stuckey’s Bridge” is coming out in two weeks. “Stuckey’s Legacy” will hit the shelves on June 1st. While I was on the ship, I finished writing the third in the trilogy. “Stuckey’s Gold” is now in the pipeline and will be out in August. If you haven’t read “Stuckey’s Bridge” yet, get busy.


I think that’s all the news. I’m leaving Sunday for Bermuda for nine weeks, so I won’t be around until the end of July. Have a great summer and I’ll yack at y’all soon!

It’s Monday! What are you reading?

2a2It’s Monday! What are you reading? Feel free to grab this meme and hop over to bookjourney.wordpress and join in the fun.

I am originally from the great state of Mississippi, and the work I am reading this week feels like my old uncle is sitting in his rocking chair on the front porch telling me a story. I have always struggled with dialects in the written word, both writing them and reading them. Some read pretty awful, some are difficult to get through (I’m thinking Mark Twain), and once in a great while an author nails it.

S.K. Nicholls absolutely rocks it in RED CLAY AND ROSES. I’m about halfway through the book and enjoying it immensely.



A fictionalized true story of life in the Deep South during the time of Jim Crow Law, and before Roe vs. Wade. Women were supposed to keep quiet and serve, abortion was illegal, adoption difficult, and racism rampant. The discovery of an old ledger opens a window into the dynamics of the 1950s-60s, when the world was beginning to change. Unspoken secrets are shared between Beatrice, The Good Doctor’s wife, and Moses Grier, their black handyman. The Grier’s daughter, Althea, suffers a tragedy that leaves her family silent and mournful. Her brother, Nathan, looks for answers from a community that is deaf, blind, and dumb. A summer romance between Nathan and Sybil, an independent, high-spirited, white woman, leaves more unresolved. Sybil is torn between living the mundane life of her peers, or a life that involves fastening herself to a taboo relationship. Witness social progress through the eyes of those who lived it.


Susan Koone Nicholls is an R.N. who lives in Orlando, Florida, with her husband, Greg. She was born, raised and educated in Georgia, where she also raised her family. She has three children, a step-son, and two grandchildren. Orphaned from her mother at an early age, she spent time in foster care and in a children’s group home in the North Georgia Mountains, The Ethyl Harpst Home.

RED CLAY AND ROSES is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, and you can check out her blog here on WordPress.

Unexpected Coolness from…Dolly Parton?

dollyJust because I’m moving to Nashville in three days doesn’t mean I’m going country, but sometimes unexpected cool things just happen. I like Dolly, but I wouldn’t say I’m a fan. I like a few of her songs and she seems to be a kick-ass business woman. She’s a fabulous song writer and everyone agrees, she’s a nice person. I don’t think anyone has ever said a bad word about her. That being said, her voice is a little squeaky to me, not very pleasant, until you turn her 45 on 33 rpm.

The result is this….

It sounds like Fleetwood Mac and I’m completely in love with it. Enjoy!

Chili Peppers + Give it away now = Goodwill Store

So, I’ve been packing to move for four days. Five to go before the movers come. When we moved three years ago, I swear we got rid of HALF the crap we had been collecting for 25 years. How is it possible we have more crap? The trophy husband has taken 23 bags of clothes to Goodwill…which brings me to this…

Maybe the bass player could use some of these clothes.

By the way, that’s my buddy Chad playing drums. We’ve been friends since way before the Chili Peppers were formed.

Going to pack more stuff…